San Francisco Tailor & Alterations Specialist

Have you been searching for the ultimate in tailoring and alteration services in the San Francisco? While Mulberrys & GreenStreets Cleaners will clean your garments using our most advanced toxin-free solutions, we also can serve you with our well-qualified tailors who can both custom-tailor and alter garments to fit you like a glove.

We emphasize caring for your clothing in the best ways possible. Your wardrobe is an extensive and curated investment, and we’re here to make sure it lasts for years to come. Whether that be through wet or dry cleaning that offers the least amount of damage possible or through repairing your clothing when a seam breaks or a zipper bends. Don’t let your favorite garment go to the garbage—let Mulberrys & GreenStreets Cleaners repair it.

Mulberrys & GreenStreets Cleaners of San Francisco offer over 30 years of garment tailoring and alterations experience. Our hands are some of the best in the biz, and we’ll always finish your job perfectly, guaranteed. If you aren’t completely satisfied with how your garment fits or was repaired, we’ll fix it for free. Our highest standards ensure every customer is satisfied with every order.

Tailoring clothing entails making clothes that are perfectly fit to the wearer. Making the many necessary adjustments to your garments is a time-consuming process and is best left to experts like the ones at Mulberrys & GreenStreets Cleaners of the San Francisco. The tailors at Mulberrys & GreenStreets Cleaners have over 30 years of hands-on experience and can help you with even major alterations.

As a hard-to-perfect craft, tailoring takes time to master. Mulberrys & GreenStreets Cleaners of the San Francisco areas doesn’t believe in leaving your clothes in the hands of amateurs. Just as we pay close attention to detail when cleaning your clothes or preserving your wedding gowns, we also take time to perfect each project we’re given.

Tailors need to take precise measurements and often work with complex fabrics. While garments most associated with needing a tailor for a good fit are men’s clothing or suits, our tailors have a broad range of expertise. We can work beyond repairing or altering suits. Our tailors at Mulberrys & GreenStreets have the skill to tailor all types of garments from suit coats to gowns.

Alterations are less time-consuming and are an incredibly affordable way to make your clothes fit better and last longer. Not as time- or labor-intensive as completely tailoring an outfit, alterations are often simple procedures done to fix clothes or make them fit better.

Perhaps you lost a couple of teeth in your zipper, or your favorite pair of jeans finally ripped at a seam—don’t throw garments away! Bring them to any Mulberrys & GreenStreets Cleaners around the San Francisco area to see how we can repair or restore your most-loved clothing. From your typical rip to frustrating button mishaps, we are masters of simple alterations.

Don’t waste time being frustrated with clothing that doesn’t sit perfectly on your body—instead, come over to Mulberrys & GreenStreets. We have long hours and easy access with our six locations around the San Francisco. We’d love to get started on even your most intensive alterations today because when you look good, you feel good. Stop by any one of our stores or call us today to discuss the entire process. Go from busted buttons or pants that are too big to looking like a million bucks in a perfectly fitting wardrobe.

Mulberrys & GreenStreets Cleaners offers tailoring and alteration services such as:

  • Shorten/lengthen hems: Many stores don’t offer tailoring or alteration services. Likewise, many stores don’t sell pants exactly your size. Whether you’re forced to buy pants you love, but are a little too short or too long, don’t worry. We can make the pants of your dreams finally fit like a dream by lengthening or shortening their hem.
  • Cuffs: Shorten or lengthen the cuffs of your snazziest shirts and coats so you always look sharp.
  • Linings: We can mend coat and jacket linings if they’ve become worn or ripped.
  • Original denim hems: With original denim hems, we remove the amount of fabric needed from the bottom of your jeans and reattach your worn/distressed hem to the bottom of the new length.
  • Euro denim hems: Euro denim hems include folding the necessary amount of fabric up into the each pant leg and restitching the hem into place without detaching it. The excess fabric within the leg can be cut off or left on.
  • Splitting the waist: We can split the waist in your trousers to allow for expansion and movement without adding strain to you or your waistband.
  • Seat in/out: We can take the seat of your pants in or out.
  • Lengthen/shorten sleeves: Whether your sleeves hang below your hands or ride up your arms, we have the solution to make them fit as they should.
  • Re-sew button/clasp: Your pants, shirts or other garments aren’t finished when the clasp is! Bring us your most exhausted buttons or clasps to us for repair or replacement today.
  • Hem skirt/dress: Just as you want your pants to hang at the right spot, you want your skirts, dresses and gowns to do so, too.
  • Taking sides in/out on dresses: Have your favorite dress fit the exact contour of your body by having the sides taken in or out exactly where it needs to be.
  • Outerwear zippers: A broken zipper often causes people to throw garments away entirely. Instead of throwing them away, let our experts take a look at the culprit first and determine if the zipper is salvageable or if it could be replaced.
  • Zipper replacement: A useful alternative if a zipper cannot be repaired.

Talk with one of our experienced alterations specialists today to see what we can do for you. From minor fixes like missing buttons or small tears to more major alterations, Mulberrys & GreenStreets Cleaners and our well-experienced staff can help you determine what’s best for you and the life of your clothing. Simply give us a call or if you’re a drop-off customer, slip your garments and instructions into an express bag today. Your clothes will come back clean and cared for, tailored and altered to meet your exact needs.