Frequently Asked Questions About Our Toxin-Free Dry Cleaner

How do I get started?
You can sign-up for home delivery on our website or by calling.  Once signed up you can easily request a pickup with our app. or on our website just click on “schedule pickup” and pick the date that you would like pickup. Then place your clothes in a bag outside your front door or at your apartment’s front office. We will pick your clothes up the next delivery day and return them on your selected delivery date.
Is there a pick-up or delivery charge?
No. Mulberrys & GreenStreets home delivery service is completely free!
Do I have to tip my valet?
Nope, we take good care of our valets.
How often will I receive service?
When you need them! At the click of a button you request a pickup and our driver will come by on the next delivery day. This can be done via our app, website, or by calling or emailing. Whatever is easiest for you. If you are a business or very frequent user we can set up a scheduled visit.
I have stains and other special instructions I’d like to communicate on my order. What do I do?
If you are scheduling pickup via the app or website, you can give your instructions via the “Notes” field. Otherwise, you can include any notes in the bag with your order. A special instruction form is available here. You can also email our support team by clicking here.
Can I have my order rushed?
We offer rush service at our locations, at this time we do not have rush service for pickup and delivery.
How does delivery work in a condominium/loft complex?
It can vary from building to building, but generally we create a centralized pickup and delivery location within your building. An example of this would be your management office or a main floor lobby closet. Your items are picked up and delivered to this location.
What is your delivery area?
We provide regular delivery service in San Francisco, The Peninsula and parts of the East Bay
I lost my password, what do I do?
No worries. Just click here to reset your password.  If you are still having trouble us email us here or chat with us and we’ll get you sorted out.
Where are your stores located?
We have ten locations in the Bay Area. To find the location nearest you visit our store locator and type in your zip code.
What are your store hours?
Store hours vary by location. Please visit our locations page here
What services do you offer?
Mulberrys & GreenStreets offers a full suite of garment care service. Dry cleaning, laundry, wet cleaning, wedding gown cleaning and preservation, leather, and household items and area rug cleaning.
What are your prices?
We offer transparent, competitive pricing. To see our prices visit our pricing page or try out our price quote calculator.
What is dry cleaning?
Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothing with a solvent other than water, hence the term “dry”. Traditionally, dry cleaning has been performed using a chemical called perchloroethylene or “perc”. In perc-based dry cleaning, clothes are placed in a large machine resembling a washing machine, soaked in perc and detergent, and then heat dried. While effective at removing oil-based and other stains, perc is a known carcinogen and ground water contaminant.
Do you use Perc in your cleaning?
No. At Mulberrys & GreenStreets, our award-winning dry cleaning and stain removal experts use Solvon K-4. K-4 is biodegradable, non-toxic, does not require any hazardous labeling and dermatologically tested as “very good”.

We offer a complimentary delivery service to most of the bay area.


Let us take the hassle out of going to the dry cleaner with free pickup and delivery. You get the best of having a high quality neighborhood cleaner coming to our door.

Depending on where you live pickup/deliver may twice-a-week or everyday (concierge buildings in San Francisco). If you do not live/work in a building with a front desk we need that ability to access your house, leave something on a hook, or deliver to you in person. We operate on a set schedule during business hours like a newspaper delivery. If you have any questions about our ability to deliver to you, please e-mail us here.

Your personal driver (account manager) is dedicated to your account and is the same driver every time. Our drivers are fully insured Mulberrys & GreenStreets Employee (we provide full benefits too!) operating a company van equipped to properly transport your clothes. We do not outsource our drivers or garment cleaning to 3rd party vendors ever.

If you are looking to set up a corporate account please call us at (650) 595-5010 or e-mail us here.


How to Get Started

  • Sign up Online or by calling us at 877-814-5421. You will receive a confirmation email once you signup.
  • Request your first pickup. Request a pickup online, on our app, by calling or sending us an email. If you work or live in a location where there is regular pickup, you can leave your bag at the designated spot. (if you don’t have our app email us to request an invite code)
  • Your First Order! Drop your garments in any bag with an order form with your name and any special request you may have.
  • Delivery. We will be back on your next delivery day. Check out our app for order status. We will shoot you an email once your order is delivered.