Mulberrys is an on-demand laundry startup hoping to clean up where others have washed out

On-demand laundry has proven a tough business for some. Washio folded up its business last year, selling its assets into competitor Rinse. At the time Rinse’s founder Ajay Prakash told TechCrunch the on-demand model wasn’t the most efficient or economical way to handle the dirty business of cleaning clothes.

How to remove cherry juice from clothes, carpet and upholstery

Cherries are a delicious fruit to munch on, but what’s not so appetizing about this fruit are the dark stains they leave behind when they come into contact with fabrics and furniture. Thankfully our experts have remedies to quickly remove these dark splatters.

20 Food Stains and How to Remove Them

Don’t let a spilled glass of red wine ruin your next party. We’ve got tips from cleaning experts on how to banish tough stains fast.

Mulberrys launches laundry app in San Francisco

Mulberrys, the Minnesota-based laundry and drycleaning service, has announced the launch of its on-demand drycleaning and laundry app expansion in the San Francisco Bay Area of northern California.

Mulberrys Acquires GreenStreets to Bring Artisan Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service to San Francisco

Mulberrys–the Minnesota-based artisan laundry and dry cleaning service–today announced its acquisition of San Francisco-based GreenStreets Cleaners.

Mpls’ 1st dry cleaner with an app, Mulberrys, expands to San Francisco

Mulberrys, the first dry cleaner in Minneapolis to offer pickup and delivery service at the touch of an app, is now expanding its service to San Francisco.

Local laundry disruptor acquired by Minneapolis dry cleaning chain

Dan Miller and Kevin Kneafsey wore a lot of suits. And that meant a lot of trips to the dry cleaners.

“I was consistently disappointed with my experiences,” Minneapolis-based Miller said. “From the fact that I had to leave the office early to get there, or the stores smelled like chemicals, or the staff was grumpy, or it wouldn’t have a website.”

Mulberrys & GreenStreets Cleaners Awards

Below are some of the awards we have received as well as organizations we are proud to be a part of: