Our Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services


Dry Cleaning

Mulberrys & GreenStreets’ dry cleaning service combines classic craftsmanship with innovative, 100% toxin-free technologies. Ordinary dry cleaners use harsh chemicals such as perchlorethylene or siloxane and high levels of heat to dry clean your clothes. At Mulberrys & GreenStreets, our award-winning dry cleaning and stain removal experts use pressurized, naturally occurring solvent.

The use of odorless solvent enables us to return your clothes cleaner and without the chemical smell. Also, because no heat is used, your clothes are finished without the fading, shrinking, pilling or stain-setting common to all other dry cleaning methods.

Wedding Gowns

Your wedding day is one of the most special moments of your life. At Mulberrys & GreenStreets we consider it a privilege to be part of your special day. Whether its an heirloom bridal gown that needs to be restored or a gown that you would like to preserve for your children, Mulberrys & GreenStreets wedding gown experts have the answer. Mulberrys & GreenStreets has specially-trained wedding gown restoration and preservation experts who will hand clean your special gown, reinforce the seams, and reattach any beads and other embellishments where needed. To prevent any damage to the fabric or dye, we wash the gown in crystal clear purified water and non-toxic solutions. Finally, we package your gown in a premium quality, acid-free box that maintains color and prevents yellowing, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy your special day for years to come.

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Wet Cleaning

Ever shrunk your favorite sweater or watched an all white load of laundry turn pink because of one stray red sock? If so, you know what the combination of water and heat can do to certain fabrics.

Mulberrys & GreenStreets’ professional wet cleaning uses state-of-the-art technology to determine the precise balance of water and heat needed to clean difficult stains from your clothes while maintaining the same perfect fit and bright color that you expect.

Shirt & Blouse Laundry

Mulberrys & GreenStreets’ shirt and blouse laundry service keeps your shirts and blouses in pristine condition. We use crystal clear purified water and the finest environmentally-friendly detergents to ensure that your garments smell fresh, last longer, stay brighter, whiter and always look and feel their best.

Our world-class pressers hand finish every garment and protect them with tissue, shoulder protectors and a garment bag. Our experienced inspectors and tailors check and replace all cracked or missing buttons so that your shirts are always ready to wear.

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Home Laundry Service

At Mulberrys & GreenStreets, we know how time-consuming home laundry, folding and ironing can be. Moreover, mass-market detergents and hard water can accelerate wear and tear on towels, slacks, shirts, and undergarments.

To help you and your family cope with busy times and protect your clothes from unnecessary damage, Mulberrys & GreenStreets offers our custom Laundry Service. Just bring in your everyday laundry and we’ll take care of the rest. Your clothes will be washed using crystal clean purified water and the finest environmentally-friendly detergents and returned to you fluffed, folded and smelling fresh.

Tailoring & Alterations

At Mulberrys & GreenStreets, we don’t just clean garments, we repair them as well! Mulberrys & GreenStreets has qualified tailors with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Hems, rips and tears, broken zippers, missing buttons, and major alterations are all well within our range of expertise.

For delivery service customers, just place your garment and instructions in your Mulberrys & GreenStreets express bag, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Shoe Shine & Repair

Nothing compliments a new outfit like a well-shined pair of shoes. Mulberrys & GreenStreets’ shoe shine and repair service keeps the shoes on your feet looking as clean as the clothes on your back.

Just drop your shoes in your Mulberrys & GreenStreets express bag and your shoes will be returned repaired, shined and ready to wear.

Linen & Household Items

Sunlight and oil stains can prematurely shorten the life of your favorite linens and household items. Mulberrys & GreenStreets stain removal and fabric professionals can extend the life of your high quality bedding and linens. We have the most sophisticated facilities and equipment to maintain their appearance. From Battenburg lace to fine embroidery, we take the extra care these delicate pieces require.



Leather, suede, and fur items are often both our most treasured items and the quickest to show signs of wear. Mulberrys & GreenStreets’ leather specialists can make even the most difficult scuffs, scratches, and stains disappear. Handbags, leather jackets, and furs are all within our range of expertise.

The next time your purse or jacket shows signs of wear just place it in your Mulberrys & GreenStreets express bag. These special garments items take time and they will be back as quickly as they can be 2-3 weeks depending on the service performed.