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The company is leading in covering yarn machine, winding machine, precision winding machine,
drawing machine, ribbon loom and so on.

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All for customer satisfaction, unity, struggle and development

Founded in 1992, Zhejiang Guoxing Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed into a corporate enterprise integrating science research, industrial production and trade service. It is a high-tech enterprise of Zhejiang Province. The company has passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System. Since its establishment in 1992, the company has developed from a limited liability enterprise to the joint-equity enterprise in the corporate spirit of “United, Struggling, Pioneering”. The company has a floor area of more than 40 mu, namely the floor area of 27,000 square meters, 

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Let you know more about the market frontier

To make the upgrade of zhejiang economy contribution wisdom
To make the upgrad

July 24 to 25, the provincial key enterprise institute construction will take place in xinchang. Deputy ministry stressed that must work diligently, perfect the mechanism, adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, execute three-level linkage, in the spirit of reform to continue pushing forward the construction of the provincial key enterprise institute contributing to build zhejiang economic upgrade wisdom and innovation strength.

Contributing Wisdom and Innovative Power
Contributing Wisdo

July 24-25, the provincial key enterprise research institute construction site meeting was held in Xinchang. Vice-provinces emphasized that we should really work hard, improve the mechanism, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, implement three-level linkage, continue to promote the construction of provincial key enterprise research institutes in the spirit of reform, and contribute wisdom and innovative strength to build Zhejiang's economic upgrade edition. Vice-chairman of provincial government. 

Surface treatment of fabric before ink jet printing
Surface treatment

It is very important to treat the surface of fabric before printing. Inkjet printing only needs to dye the fibers on the surface of the fabric. The fabric structure determines the surface structure of the fabric, thus affecting the effect of inkjet printing. High density fabrics get lighter color than low density fabrics. Plasma treatment process: fabric atmospheric pressure plasma modification ink jet printing drying baking finished products. 



Adhering to the business philosophy of "all for customer satisfaction", the company provides customers with better products and better after-sales service.

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